Web Server Integration

The core thinker

myONLY server is a must in your ONLY Smart Home, as it will improve your daily experience.
A silent controller at your ONLY Smart Home that works seamless with myONLY app. The more you use it, the more it’ll keep a firm grip on energy efficiency.
And that’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if myONLY app notifies you about your video doorbell, climatization, or your shutters.
myONLY server will seek all the time to grant you comfort and safety without disregarding your energy bill.

How it works

The myONLY server is a dedicated embedded processor. It interfaces the ONLY Smart Home system to many others systems such as sensors, video doorbell, smart locks, video cams, weather stations, energy meters, etc., and includes powerful data processing for automatic events setup and management that will make your home routines much easier, such as heating/cooling, light, shades, irrigation, etc. It connects automatically to your ONLY Smart Home system and collects all the information for control. With myONLY app, you setup events, scenes and favourite behaviour.

After defining your favourite comfort and efficiency settings, myONLY server will strive to provide you with the best comfort and security while always maintaining power consumption as low as possible. With TLS and password protected login, your data is always safe and out of the cloud.

Where to install it

With its sleek design, myONLY server will look great along with any other technological gadget you may have in your living room. Or if you choose the electric switchboard version, just keep it in some technical area.
It only needs power and LAN access.


ONLY Smart Home works daily for the support of new communication protocols. Besides the native ONLY CAN BUS, it supports *Z-Wave, MODBUS and IP third party devices.

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