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ONLY Smart Home’s big announcement this year is the launch of a new web server, the D-WEBSERVER, which replaces its traditional gateway. The new Web Server introduces new features to the brand’s home automation system, such as:

  • A new HTML5 application that runs on any HTML5-enabled device, regardless of the operating system. With the adoption of HTML5, the application is not limited to just Android and iOS devices. Nowadays, any device with an internet connection and browser already supports this standard. The app enables local or remote control from Smartphones, Tablets, SmartTVs, computers, etc.
  • Data generated by the user does not leave the house and does not belong to third parties. The web server is installed in the users’ premises and therefore does not send information to the cloud. This means that the data with habits of the residents are not susceptible to hacker attacks nor are they sold or exploited for marketing purposes.
  • The user can easily schedule events, create routines and establish conditional events from the application, attributing intelligence to the house.
  • System configuration and scenario programming can also be easily done from the HTML5 application. The traditional programming procedure via the tactile panels themselves and without the aid of software continues to function, and the user can choose the most convenient method.

The ONLY system, which already stands out for the simplicity of installation, ease of use and guarantee of data security, now adds even more possibilities and new features. The new D-WEBSERVER places ONLY Smart Home in a separate category in the world of home automation.

The ONLY Smart Home automation system

ONLY Smart Home is a simple and safe solution for automation, air conditioning, distributed audio and security of buildings and homes. It is an already established home automation system with tens of thousands of modules sold, equipping homes, hotels and public buildings in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. The award-winning brand is a pioneer in the design and introduction of touch panels for home automation applications.

The solution was developed and is manufactured in Portugal by Enancer Electrónica, S.A., a company located in Braga and that has been in the market since 2008.

The ONLY Smart Home system consists of 4 subsystems that communicate and interact among themselves, and form integrated scenarios:

  • Automation: lighting control (on/off, dimming), blinds and other devices
  • Climate control: Intelligent temperature control for radiators, underfloor heating/cooling and fan coil units
  • Audio: Ambient sound with music distributed from a central point or individually in all connected rooms
  • Security: alarm in case of intrusion, gas leakage, water leakage, smoke and fire detection. Intelligent presence simulation, using all the systems in the house.

ONLY has also developed its own communication protocol that allows the interconnection of the home automation system elements through a single wire, the bus. This protocol makes ONLY unique in the home automation industry due to the simplicity of the installation, both in new buildings and in rehabilitations. The single wire bus runs inside the same pipe of the traditional electrical installation, alongside the phase, neutral and ground, allowing the use of existing structures and projects.

ONLY modules are produced in two different formats: DIN rail-mounted and wall-mounted, under the switch panels. The best alternative for each project depends on the characteristics of the building and delivers the architect or engineer great flexibility in the design, in addition to saving material and manpower.

The system attributes intelligence to the house or building, integrating controls of each of the four areas in the same system. The user can easily create scenarios that provide comfort and convenience, and control the house through the Internet via the mobile application.

The sophisticated touch panels also offer design harmony between different systems. They are offered in standard white, black or grey, with matte or high gloss finish. Additionally, there is the possibility of personalizing colour, icons and even the logo if the client or architect so wishes.

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