CCILA visits ONLY and Fehst

CCILA visits ONLY and Fehst 1743 921 Only

On 28 March 2019, Enancer Electrónica S.A. and Fehst Componentes, Lda, received the Portuguese-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and 46 guests and members of CCILA.
The guests were welcomed by the manager of the Fehst Group, Mr. Hatto Fehst, who introduced the group companies, the strategy of the future, R & D investments and productive innovation. For the manager, the proximity to the University of Minho is an added value, since it is among the 500 best universities in the world, facilitating the recruitment and integration of young professionals.
This was followed by a visit to the factory, where the guests were guided by the company’s employees to the areas of injection, painting, assembly and chrome plating.
During the event, there was also an opportunity to meet Ernest & Young’s consulting services and a brief presentation of Primavera Software’s new ERP, partners who are working directly with Fehst to meet the proposed development, innovation and achievement objective for Industry 4.0.
This was followed by the presentation of the Enancer Electrónica, S.A. by the engineers António Ferreira and António Silva Ferreira, who presented the ONLY Smart Buildings brand. The future bet in the world of automation, Smart Home, Smart Hotel, Smart Care and comfort along with state-of-the-art technology were some issues presented.
Finished the visit with a coffee-break, Minho style, where the guests had the opportunity to fraternize, to expose doubts and to know more about the functionalities and products ONLY. At that time, technical demonstrations of RGB lighting, air conditioning and audio were made and the guests got to know the design and all possible textures of the ONLY panels.
The farewell was marked with the delivery of a brochure from Fehst, catalogs ONLY Smart Home and Smart Hotel and a tactile wall panel of ONLY to each guest.

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